We educate and support the adults who care for young children in Southwest Ohio, the Miami Valley and Kentucky.


Learning Every Day Contents

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Activities for Infants/Toddlers

Activities for Preschoolers

Puppet Play (early infant; sensory experiences) Bubble Fun (early two-year-old, sensory experiences)
Opposite Game (middle infant, sensory experiences) Bowling (early two-year-old, sensory experiences)
Empty and Full (middle infant, sensory experiences) Eye-Dropper Painting (middle two-year-old, science adventures)
Shape Book (late infant, sensory experiences) Clay (middle two-year-old, sensory experiences)
Painting the Sidewalk (Late infant, sensory experiences) Spaghetti Collage (late two-year-old, sensory experiences)
Talking Tubes (early one-year-old, sensory experience) Menu Mania (late two-year-old, language/pre-reading)
Loud and Soft (early one-year-old, sensory experiences) Shaving-Cream Letters (early three-year-old, language/pre-reading)
Rice Dig (middle one-year-old, science adventures, sensory experiences) Window Washing (early three-year-old, daily living skills)
Favorite Foods (middle one-year-old, sensory experiences) Frozen Paint (middle three-year-old, science adventures)
Jars and Lids (late one-year-old, daily living skills) M&M Sorting (middle three-year-old, fun with numbers)
Stringing Beads (late one-year-old, sensory activity) Designer Tablecloth (late three-year-old, daily living skills)
Wash the Baby (late one-year-old, daily living skills) Give Me 10 (late three-year-old, fun with numbers)
My Home Book (early two-year-old, language/pre-reading) Sizing Spaghetti (early four-year-old, fun with numbers)
Matching (early two-year-old, language/pre-reading) Evaporation (early four-year-old, science adventures)
Hammering (middle two-year-old, daily living skills) Sound Search (middle four-year-old, language/ pre-reading)
Self Portrait (late two-year-old language, pre-reading) Fruit-and-Vegetable Prints (middle four-year-old, exploring our world)
Finger Paint Recipe (late two-year-old, sensory experiences) Post Office (late four-year-old, language/pre-reading)
Sponge Squeeze (late two-year old, daily living skills) Making Pizza (late four-year-old, daily living skills)